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Custom Business Banners

Grab customers’ attention, inside or out, with our durable yet lightweight personalised banners.

Get your message seen indoors or out with our Custom Business Banners! If you’re trying to capture the eye of foot traffic or just make your brand known, then you will definitely see a positive return with these custom banners.

Upload your brand logo, slogan, or custom message and we’ll print that on premium waterproof vinyl material that your business can benefit from for years! You can even adjust the width and height of each banner so it fits perfectly where you want it.

  • Made with premium quality vinyl material
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • 100% waterproof and long-lasting
  • Vibrant color printing that makes your message seen
  • Can be hung using option grommets/eyelets

Our custom banners are made of waterproof and fade-resistant vinyl material, for indoor or outdoor use, featuring full-colour printing that will make your design and message pop.
Upload your artwork or choose from our free template selection and get started with your banner printing in no time.

Make your business seen with our Custom Business Banners and start customizing yours today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will my vinyl banner weight?

    The weight of your banner will vary by size and whether you add eyelets which weight 2.25 g each. Here are a few examples of weight by banner size and with eyelets included:
    • 52 x 91 cm: ~0.20 kg
    • 76 x 183 cm: ~0.70 kg
    • 76 x 366 cm: ~1.25 kg
    • 122 x 244 cm: ~1.50 kg
  • If I want grommets/eyelets, how many will I need?

    The number of eyelets varies by banner size. Here are some suggestions:
    • 25 x 50 cm, 52 x 91 cm, 76 x 122 cm or 122 x 122 cm: 4-8 grommets
    • 76 x 183 cm or 122 x 183 cm: 6-8 grommets
    • 76 x 244 cm: 8 grommets
    • 150 x 200 cm: 10 grommets
    • 76 x 305 cm or 122 x 244 cm: 12 grommets
    • 76 x 366 cm: 14 grommets
    • 150 x 300 cm: 16 grommets
    • 200 x 300 cm, 150 x 400 cm: 18 grommets
    • 200 x 400 cm: 20 grommets
  • How do I store my banner?

    When storing your banner we recommend that you roll them with the print side facing out. Do not fold them. The banners should be kept in a dry area at room temperature. Avoid storing the banners in extremely hot or humid rooms or locations. Also, do not store anything on top of the banner to avoid creasing or wrinkling it while in storage.
  • If I see creases on my banner, how do I remove them?

    After being shipped or stored, vinyl banners often have creases or wrinkles. To easily remove the wrinkles from your banner simply place them in the hot sun for a few hours and the wrinkles and creases should come right out.

1 review for Banners

  1. Jaymie - Submitted 3 months ago

    I had a coming soon banner made by these guys. Excellent price and was delivered fast. Thank you again for the service.

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